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Immediately upon receiving your vehicle, whether shipped via ocean freight or transported via vehicle carrier, it is imperative that you check the physical condition of your vehicle for any damages that could have resulted during the transport.

Specification-allowing, there will usually be a lockable transit box containing an array of easily removable items such as headphones, remote controls, wheel anti-theft key, activity key and foot well mats firmly secured to a fixed part of the vehicle to avoid possible pilfering during transit.

Do NOT sign a clean receipt if you have not checked your vehicle. In the case of delivery onboard a vehicle carrier, this will be in the form of a CMR consignment note. If a clean receipt has been signed for, yet damages are subsequently identified and notified, a successful claim is highly improbable.

First and foremost you then need to note any damage on the CMR or delivery note itself and make sure to keep a copy. Assuming the delivery terms of your order include insurance (CIP/CIF) your vehicle will be covered either by our Marine Cargo Open Policy which is held with Chaucer Syndicates Limited on behalf of their Lloyd’s Syndicate 1084 and China Re a leading reinsurer in China, or our Transporter’s Road Cargo Open Policy.

Claims contact details

In the event of loss please contact the Surveyor or Claims Agents office named on the insurance certificate we have provided you in the documentation pack.

If you are unable to contact the Surveyor or Claims Agents named on the certificate please contact:

Chaucer Syndicates

Plantation Place
30 Fenchurch Street
E: Claims@forwarderlink.global

1. You, the claimant, should follow the instructions under the "Important Notice" section of the Certificate of Marine Cargo Insurance. Failure to follow instructions may result in delay to claims settlement or the possibility of the claim being declined.

2. Claims are handled on behalf of the Underwriters by the claims agent and their appropriate office (as stated upon your certificate of marine cargo insurance) should be notified immediately of any claim.

3. To enable claims to be dealt with promptly, the Assured or their Agents are advised to submit all available supporting documents without delay to the claims agent named on the certificate or the surveyor if appointed. The surveyor is an independent person instructed to ascertain nature, cause and extent of loss and has no authority to make any promise of payment for or on behalf of Underwriters.

4. You are reminded of your obligation to give immediate notice to carriers in the event of loss or damage and to confirm that in writing as soon as possible.

5. Sight of the following documents will be requested, where appropriate, by the claims agent named on the certificate:

  • Original Certificate of Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading / Air Waybill / Consignment Note (both sides)
  • Signed delivery receipt
  • Copies of letter(s) notifying carriers of the claim and holding them responsible
  • Carrier's replies if available
6. The instructions of the claims agent named on the certificate or their appointed surveyors take precedence over written instructions here. Failure to follow their instructions may result in delays or possibly refusal of a claim.

7. Please keep full written records of all correspondence or conversations in relation to the claim.

Full Jaguar Land Rover Warranty is activated by Capurro Diplomatic the moment our in-country franchised representative carries out the cost-free final Health-Check and Handover to you. The Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) is conducted in our workshop in Gibraltar and is an essential procedure in obtaining warranty cover for your vehicle(s). In the event that you specifically do not require a formal Handover and final vehicle Health-Check in-country, Warranty will be activated the moment the vehicle departs Gibraltar for onwards delivery.

For shipments outside of Europe, when the vehicle arrives at its final destination, we will arrange contact with the pre-nominated Jaguar Land Rover Retailer to arrange the final vehicle Health-Check and Handover. Our Jaguar Land Rover partner at destination would have already received a notification of the vehicle sale from us, who would have informed them of their duties and responsibilities.

For deliveries within the European Union and where we have been able to Customs-clear the vehicle on your behalf using your Diplomatic accreditation, the vehicle will be delivered to the nearest Jaguar Land Rover Retailer who will contact you to arrange registration, a final Health-Check and formal Handover. Where it has not been possible to Customs-clear the vehicle on your behalf, we recommend you nominate a convenient Jaguar Land Rover Retailer for us to pre-advise and arrange for them to carry out the final Health-Check and formal Handover.

Many countries will have several dealerships. Should you prefer to have your vehicle Health-Check & formal Handover carried out by a specific Jaguar Land Rover Retailer, please pre-advise our sales department so that arrangements can be made accordingly.

Typically, we are unable to supply a vehicle into a country where this is no Jaguar Land Rover representative to support it. This said and subject to individual considerations, we may have agreements with neighbouring countries to manage your routine servicing requirements and warranty claims. Please check with your sales executive at point of enquiry.

Always go to the same Jaguar Land Rover Approved Service Centre. We recommend you continue to visit your authorised repairer to guarantee official parts are used, and the instalment service is undertaken by a manufacturer-trained individual. This will ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle.

As your vehicle will be built to in-country specification, your in-territory Jaguar Land Rover partner will provide you with the relevant information at the handover. This will include your Service Intervals which differs by model, engine and regional specification. For further guidance, please refer to your Online Service History account using your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) as your code to enter.


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